Excel Add-In

Embed our data directly into your workflow.


Download the New Constructs Excel Add-In zip file from our website. Unzip the file and save the New Constructs Add-in file (New Constructs Addin.xlam) wherever you store Excel add-ins or a convenient location on your computer.

In Excel, select the Developer tab, then select the Excel Add-ins button from the ribbon. (If the Developer tab is not visible in Excel, click the File menu, Options, Customize Ribbon, then under Main Tabs, select the Developer check box. The Developer tab will now appear in the ribbon.) Click the browse button, select the New Constructs Add-in file you just saved, and click OK to install the add-in to Excel. Make sure the New Constructs Add-in is checked to indicate that the add-in is active.

A New Constructs menu item will now appear in the menu in Excel. Select New Constructs from the menu and click the Launch Form button in the ribbon. This will take you to the form where you can authenticate your account.

The Excel Add-In is currently supported for Excel 2010+ and Excel 365 on Windows operating systems.

You must have or request an API key prior to using the Excel Add-In.


Request an API Key

Access to the New Constructs Excel Add-In requires an API key.

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Enter Your API Key

To authenticate your account, click the Launch Form button from the New Constructs ribbon in Excel. Enter and save your API key in the form. You'll receive a confirmation message that your authentication was successful. Click OK to begin using the New Constructs Excel Add-In.

Access Plans

Access to our Excel Add-In is included with your Professional or Institutional Membership to New Constructs. Please contact support for more information.

Access includes:

Data Refresh

New Constructs data is refreshed daily between 5AM CT and 5:20AM CT. During the refresh window, the Excel Add-In may not be available to respond to requests.


Custom Functions

The New Constructs Excel Add-in provides access to data through a set of custom functions. New Constructs Add-in users can use the convenient function helpers in the form menu to generate these functions with easy-to-use drop down menus, or users can manually enter the functions into cells for more robust customization.

Refresh Data

Data is refreshed for a single cell using a New Constructs function each time the user presses enter on that cell. Clicking the Refresh Data button in the ribbon or form menu will refresh all of the data in the selected sheet.

Companies with Multiple Classes of Common Stock

The Excel Add-In generally uses ticker as an identifier. Companies with multiple classes of common stock return the same information for all classes. The primary ticker appears in results that include a ticker.

For example, GOOG and GOOGL are alternate classes of stock for Alphabet, Inc. Requesting data for GOOG or GOOGL returns the same results. Since the primary ticker is GOOG, it will appear in ratings request results and other plans that return a ticker.

Tickers for Inactive Stocks

Tickers that include a colon are currently inactive stocks. They are no longer traded because they were acquired, went bankrupt, etc. We assign the last used ticker to the security followed by a colon and a number that increments for each new company that becomes inactive with that ticker. For example, XYZ Corp uses ticker XYZ and goes inactive. We assign the company the ticker XYZ:1 because it is the first company in our system to go inactive using ticker XYZ. If a different company, XYZ Technology, starts using ticker XYZ and goes inactive, it will be assigned XYZ:2.

Next Steps

See the functions available in our Excel Add-In and watch a video on how to get started.