Data Feed: Overall Rating

The New Constructs Overall Rating dataset provides immediate access to our ratings on 3350+ stocks, 1100+ ETFs, and 6200+ mutual funds. Ratings are updated daily.

For more information about our rating methodology, see the Education section of our website.

See the General Information page for details on coverage, data file structure, delivery information, and sample real-time, point-in-time backtest and historical data files.


Rating: Overall Risk/Reward Rating*
Our Overall rating for stocks is based on 5 component ratings: Economic vs Reported EPS, ROIC (Return on Invested Capital), FCF Yield, Price-to-Economic Book Value, and GAP (Growth Appreciation Period). Our Overall rating for ETFs also considers Total Annual Costs. Our Overall rating for mutual fund ratings also considers Total Annual Costs & Cash Allocation. We assign ratings as follows: Most Attractive (1 - best rating), Attractive (2), Neutral (3), Unattractive (4), Very Unattractive (5 - worst rating).

*Indicates the datapoint is affected by stock price.