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No special installation is required to use the New Constructs API.


Access to the New Constructs API requires an API key.

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Access Plans

Access to our API is included with your Professional or Institutional Membership to New Constructs. Please contact support for more information.

Access includes:

Code Samples

Code samples are provided in the documentation for each endpoint, or you can check out some examples at our sample code GitHub repo.

Data Refresh

New Constructs data is refreshed daily between 5AM CT and 5:20AM CT. During the refresh window, the API may not be available to respond to requests.

Companies with Multiple Classes of Common Stock

The API generally uses ticker as an identifier. Companies with multiple classes of common stock return the same information for all classes. The primary ticker appears in results that include a ticker.

For example, GOOG and GOOGL are alternate classes of stock for Alphabet, Inc. Requesting data for GOOG or GOOGL returns the same results. Since the primary ticker is GOOG, it will appear in ratings request results and other endpoints that return a ticker.

Tickers for Inactive Stocks

Tickers that include a colon are currently inactive stocks. They are no longer traded because they were acquired, went bankrupt, etc. We assign the last used ticker to the security followed by a colon and a number that increments for each new company that becomes inactive with that ticker. For example, XYZ Corp uses ticker XYZ and goes inactive. We assign the company the ticker XYZ:1 because it is the first company in our system to go inactive using ticker XYZ. If a different company, XYZ Technology, starts using ticker XYZ and goes inactive, it will be assigned XYZ:2.

Next Steps

Once you have your API key, review the documentation for any endpoint for instructions and examples on connecting with the API.